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New phrases:  Wave file coming soon

Many of the books suggest that CAG's don't really begin to talk much before about 15 months although there is a lot of variation apparently.  We don't expect much but here is her vocabulary and the age at which she started saying it.


Hello:  at about 6 months

I   love you: about 7 months

How are you doing ( with some imagination)-  8 months

Imitations of:

Microwave oven  7 months

Tree frogs from the back yard - 8 months


Woo-Hoo :  This appears to mean "where are you"  CAGs  are flock animals and don't like to be seperated

Gestures   See Guide to a well behaved Parrot by Mattie Sue Athan

Birdie aerobics/stretching - Stands on one foot and spreads wing -Supposed to be a greeting but Kindu seems to do it when she comes out of her cage

Head bobbing -  seems real happy

Yawning - Looks like she is trying to "talk" but since birds don't have vocal cords-
it is not clear what this means.

Stands on one foot and grinds beak - contentment

Grabs human thumb with beak and bends her head in submissive posture -
This means " pet me"

Grabs thumb with beak and chows down - Opposite of Above





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