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Kindu's Friends

Here are my first photos on 21 October 1998



bird4.gif (18516 bytes)

A new Kodak Digital Camera !!!

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10/28/98 Left: Travel Cage/ Right: Permanent residence
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Parrot destruction:

Paper towel rolls are a favorite

kinroll.jpg (74706 bytes)

The Great Escape:  The 30 minute drive to the vet proved to be a race against time.  Guess who won?

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kindutoy2.bmp (2986040 bytes)


  Here is Kindu's Jungle Gym: Very adept at climbing!! Made by Enduco, Inc. 3-C Great Meadow Lane, East Hanover, N.J. 07936 Picture from 19 November 1998


kindutable.bmp (2986040 bytes)  Here's Kindu on 21 November 1998: Camera is a new Kodak DC210+


December 1998 - Enjoying  a new treat and a beak covered with yams!!

kindumouth.bmp (2986038 bytes)



Dcp00101.jpg (109171 bytes)

Kindu in late December, 1998. Almost 5 months - the eyes are getting darker.


Kindu1217-1.JPG (290673 bytes) Kindu in late December


Kindu012399-01.JPG (45003 bytes)  Kindu eating Jan 23, 1999 Click on thumbnail to enlarge







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