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Kindus Food Ratings:

FORBIDDEN: Avocado (including Guacamole!!),
chocolate and caffeine (a metabolite  theobromine is toxic to them - dogs as well reportedly): Tomatos and potatoes (probably because of Solamime alkaloid)

Kindu gets no seeds!!!!

Loves: Peanuts and Almonds - sparingly:

Cinammon Toast Crunch

Fruits and Veggies ( < 10-15% and more veggies than fruits)
Loves: Red Peppers, Carrots, Green beans, Honeydew,
           Grapes, Apple, Orange , broccoli leaves
           chicken soup and pasta
           Frozen yogourt - just a tad once in awhile

In addition to learning how to dunk most foods, as of 1/99, demands that cereal be moistened with a bit of milk !!!


OK:  Kale, pasta, scrambled eggs, popcorn

Detests: Peas, red beans, Chicken, banana

Pelleted Food:

Pretty Bird Weaning
Zupreem Parrot Fruit blend
Pretty Bird regular Natural Breeder's
Lafeber's plain- Look dull but somehow really appealing to ZKindu
Loves Harrison's small parrot pellets but will not eat green cubes

Likes Nutriberries


Good resources: We put them here for convenience but haven't tried them all


Some food links  Kindu loves their Nutriberries and LARGE pellets. This company sends samples and good information.  We purchased their tropical fruit Nutriberries which were also a hit with Kindu. 

Hagen Research

Kindu ate the Hagen food right away. Smells heavenly and they sent samples, information and list of distributors.


Harrison's web page



Cages:  Kindu's travel cage Model 2120




Rick's (414) 461-6767

Books we have Found Helpful

Guide to a Well Beahved parrot by MS Athan

Complete Idiot's Guide to Bird Care and Training

The African Grey : Happy Healthy Pet Book

Keeping African Grey Parrots - Alderton






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Last modified: April 04, 1999